How to setup Musicoin GPU mining in SimpleMining?

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If you are a GPU miner, than Jan-2018 is Best to mine most profitable coin.

Pro’s of Musicoin

-Mining of at least 300-Coins/ Per day with 6-Nvidia Cards (1060 GpU’s , 6GB Or AMD RX Series Cards Rx 480,470, 580).

-Fast growing coin with currently at 0.05-USD/coin price. So it’s potential to reach $2 in next few months is very high. Do the calculations if it reach even $1/per coin price.

-Algorithm is Ethash which is most powerful algorithm.

-Good Backend teams, Supporting music industry So potential to increase $$ very soon.

 To setup Musicoin mining with Nvidia & AMD Card using follow the steps below.

Step # 1:

Setup your own account & get Wallet address from Official website: . I personally don’t suggest to use Exchange Addresses with miners as it’s not recommended. So once you have wallet Address. We go to next Step.

Step # 2:

Select your mining pool. For musicoin I used As it’s good and gives good speed.

Now we go for next step.

Step # 3:

-Login to your Account, & go to “Rig Groups” from sidebar menu. and Click “Add Group”.

-From list of miner programs we will select “claymore-eth-v10.2” & use following sting of program :

-wd 1 -r 1 -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal 0xf43a656e86e541b828e622d9e0296ca2a81bc446-epsw x -allpools 1 -allcoins exp -gser 2 -eworker rig1

Here in sting replace your musicoin wallet address with mine, else you will be mining for me. Once you put correct sting of program, Click “Add Save” and Then we do next Step.

Step # 4:

Now, you have add Group with proper sting and Pool for mining setup, it’s time to start mining. Go to “Rig List” from sidebar menu. Select your Rig & then select “Assign Group” from top menu to assign the group.

OC Settings for Nvidia Cards in (SMOS) for Music Coin mining is below:

Core = -50

Memory = 1100

Power limit (Watts) = 75

Output Hash/Power you will get per Card with above OC Setting = 23-24Mh/S.

Note: as if you using AMD Cards, All step # 1 to Step #3 will be same, but OC Setting will be different.

OC Settings for AMD Cards in (SMOS) for Music Coin Mining is below: 

Core = 1150

Memory = 1900

Power Limit (Watts) = 70

Output MH/s = 27Mh/s

Note: Hash Power very, it depend on what type of memory your cards using if it’s Samsung memory it’s best memory and gives good hash power. But in market it’s hard to find samsung memory GPU cards. Still with above OC settings you can get good hash rates.

We will publish video tutorial for Each coin mining setup soon enough.


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